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Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc., (AAC) is an FAA approved repair station #CRS 5APR577Y. With our factory support, training, and avionics experience ranging from corporate jets and turbo-props to high performance piston aircraft, our staff provides quick and reliable repairs and modifications to your aircraft.

We are FAA certified to install and repair a full spectrum of avionics systems. Due to our dedication to technician training we have earned the AEA's Avionics Training Excellence Awards.

Our AAC Avionics Department also acts as the in-house service center for our sister company, PlaneSense, Inc., and maintains all electronics on board the PlaneSense® program aircraft. In keeping with our system of developing internal capabilities when it is critical to the success of our company's vision, the AAC Avionics Department is certified to work on every electronic device on board the PlaneSense fleet. We also excel in modifications and installations of new equipment. With a very deep knowledge and troubleshooting capability, our department interfaces with our maintenance efforts and ensures that the largest possible percentage of our fleet is ready to fly every day. Our very extensive experience with the PC-12 has resulted in avionics improvements to the aircraft launched by this group.

We also offer Honeywell HAPP extended warranty plans, and are a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association.

Avionics Services



Troubleshooting and repairs

ADS-B, RVSM, TAWS, TCAS/TAS/TIS, GPS, XM, EFIS, EVS, cabin entertainment, and weather avoidance systems

Modern avionics systems and cabin entertainment systems

Altimeter / Static / Transponder bi-annual certifications including RVSM
Honeywell | Bendix/King | Garmin | Aspen | Avidyne | Chelton
L-3 (Goodrich) | Max-Viz | Aircell | Sky-Connect | Sandel,
Flight Display Systems | Avionics Innovations | Bose
Hours of operation:
Monday through Friday: 7:00am to midnight
Saturday/Sunday: 7:00am to midnight
Main Phone #: 603-501-7700, Option 2
Floor Cell Phone #: 603-501-7700, Option 4
Fax #: 603-501-7721
Avionics Information:
Jack Shields Phone #: 603-501-7720
Cell Phone #: 207-206-4694