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Our large investment in the training and retention of maintenance specialists pays significant dividends. Training to become ain aircraft technician for Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc. (AAC) is a rigorous process; this is a position that requires determination and dedication.

For starters, AAC technicians must have one of the following: (1) 18 months of practical experience with powerplants or airframes, (2) 30 months working on both at the same time, or (3) a certificate from an FAA-approved aviation maintenance technician school, demonstrating successful completion of 2,000 hours of training. The technician must also pass FAA required written, oral, and practical tests to demonstrate their knowledge of general, airframe, and powerplant concepts.

Additionally, AAC, which is the Pilatus authorized fleet service and support center for the PlaneSense® fractional fleet, requires that newly hired technicians receive extensive initial training to become familiar with both AAC and the PlaneSense program. AAC technicians attend factory training with Pilatus, engine training with Pratt & Whitney, ongoing education through FAA-sponsored classes, component instruction, and continuous on-the-job training.

Atlas Aircraft Center is continuously committed to safety and training, and is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and utmost safety for our clients.